Closer Protection

The most relevant and accurate interpretation of one of the world’s most unusual and secretive professions, this book provides a no-holds barred depiction of Close Protection/ Executive Protection containing specialist advice and guidance gained from operating at the pinnacle of both Government and commercial CP operations around the world.

Compelled to write a book as a result of his abhorrence of the standards imposed by the British Government regulator the author scathingly criticises the Security Industry Authority outlining the travesty bestowed on not only those new to the industry but those who have operated in the role on behalf of the Government in their capacity as members of the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit, Royal & Diplomatic Protection Department and 22 Special Air Service Regiment.

Due to the sensitive nature of its content, this book remains the only one concerning Close Protection that was required to be submitted to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence for clearance prior to publication.

A Closer Observation of the Protection Equation

This leading publication corrects the methods of ‘best practise’ contrary to those stipulated by certain authorities and organisations, and provides realistic, practical and effective advice concerning methods of operation and tactical doctrine that have been both personally tried and tested in most countries and in all threat regions throughout the world.

A Closer Observation of the Protection Equation REVISED EDITION AVAILABLE 2022

This revised and updated edition delves into the restrictions and limitations imposed on operational performance. From private sector CP training and companies (contract service providers) to laws to budgets to Governments' prying eyes, this book will unearth the problems, difficulties, complications and evils of the commercial industry whilst providing the vital solutions to maximise Close Protection operations to an effective, workable and professional state.